Feb 4 2017

My ECSA version 9 review

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Debajyoti Das
Security Analyst at HackIT Technology and Advisory Services

Satisfying and enriching is how I would like to sum up my experience with the EC-Council Security Analyst. It is one of the most well-organized and properly structured program out there in the field of Information Security.

As a Pen-tester, any kind of learning is incomplete without a proper application of the gathered concepts, ECSA version 9 effectively addressed that problem by providing with a module wise practice labs, apart from the engrossing assignments to be solved and submitted to proceed to the final step of the certifications, that only further add to the value of the certification.

As a security analyst for an organization, understanding each and every vulnerability in absolute details has obviously escalated my skill set to the next level. I learnt a lot of new tricks and at the same time understood the underlying concepts of ethical hacking in a holistic manner. Attending this course has not only enhanced my knowledge but also helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses related to perimeter security in a practical/ hands-on and a real-time environment through their iLabs. The challenges provided in the assignment portion are thought inducing and sufficiently comprehensive.

The only missing point in the entire course I felt was the absence of any assignments relating to Web application firewall or general IDS/IPS, knowing about these technologies would enhance our knowledge to understand them and also implement them in an effective manner in real life scenarios.

Specially the training sessions were invigorating thanks to our instructor Mr. Shafeeque Olassery Kunnikkal, we learnt a lot of new tricks from his unique teaching method. Again, it is very difficult to sum up my overall experience of the program in a few words but I can without any doubt say that it has equipped me with new sets of skills and knowledge that is required to cope up with the changing Information Security landscape.

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