Oct 9 2012

How do I become a Computer Forensic Specialist?

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We were introduced to the exciting world of cyber forensics through our previous posts. Now, the million-dollar question is: How to become a Cyber Forensic Expert. Honestly I don’t have a magic formula that will transform you to a forensic expert overnight. We will see the tips from the experts, as they say, we should have curiosity about technology, good educational background and willingness to explore new methods. Above all, the real passion for computer forensics and incident reporting will provide you a kick-start into the amazing field of computer forensics.

In short the following steps help:

Education: Earn a degree in the filed. which commands a respectability in the court and among other experts. Also, most companies will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or a bachelors degree in criminal justice, or a bachelors degree in any another related discipline.

Experience: This is the most important component of many professions. But there is a catch: We can’t get work without experience and we can’t get experience without work. Most of the analytical skills are gained form the job. So after you complete the formal education, aspirants may want to consider working as an apprentice to a more experienced examiner or as an assistant to attorneys, IT or local law enforcement agencies at little or no cost. This background provides a good foundation for a future as a computer forensic examiner.

Exchange: Every examiner benefits from the exchange of ideas with skilled, experienced colleagues. Join national or local associations in the computer forensic science industry. Attend association computer forensic science conventions or meetings. If there are no local or national associations in your area, subscribe to online forums or discussion groups. No matter what choice you make, you’ll be able to network with experienced and skilled specialists.

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