Feb 4 2017

My Review on ECSA v9

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Muhammed Sadique CEH, MCP
Sharepoint Developer


ECSA v9, well-organized and structured. In my view, the EC-Council Security Analyst is a holistic course which helps in overall development of a security analyst. It covers in depth almost all essential topics required in the market today. It focuses on both the practical and theoretical aspects of information security thus rendering a student competent by the completion of the course.

According to me, the key factor that ECSAv9 course does indeed pursue with rigor is “Mobile Device Penetration-Testing” which is conducted formally in stimulated conditions. The iLabs in itself experience in enriching and the practical modules provide the students with hands on experience required of them in the market today. The theoretical aspect of the course is well thought out and simple so as to allow a student to comprehend and apply it with minimum help. The instructors was always helpful in case of any doubts or problems experienced during the period of the course. A special mention to Mr. Shafeeque O. K, for his guidance and support throughout the course. His experience and knowledge combined with his training methodology helped me to satisfactory complete my ECSA v9.

As it was progressing, I became more satisfied and surely more technically sound in the domains of information security , especially the penetration testing which has to some extent influenced me into believing that a career in penetration testing rather than as an IS Auditor.

As well thought out as the course is, I believe it does have certain few aspects it has not broached in as much depth as would be possible. These include WIFI, loT and cloud which are as well in demand in the market today, I expect to see them cover these topics more in detail in future versions of this course.

The overall experience with EC council nonetheless was above mark and is making a powerful impact on my professional career.

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