Feb 4 2017

ECSA review

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Shobha Rajan
Student at MG university

The EC-Council certification has been a very useful course for me and am extremely satisfied with it. Being a fresher without any previous work experience in the information security field, I thought the course would be a really hard one to cope up with. However, it wasn’t so specially because of the way the syllabus is set. The course gave me an extremely good introduction to the field theoretically and also practically. I already feel confident about my skills and am ready to venture into the market and working in the information security team of an organization.

The strength of the ECSA program is that along with theoretical knowledge, it imparts and provides practical knowledge as well through their virtual iLabs that let us exercise our theoretical knowledge in real-time challenges that exist in the cyber-space. We got exposed to various system vulnerability and the course gave us tools and techniques and concepts for security analysis in all most all the streams. Starting from the packet analysis the course way continues in a progressive and organized manner. For me, the weakness of the program is the time frame in compared to the vast portion that is to be covered.

Overall, the course offers a feel of a working environment especially due to the provision of the virtual labs where we test, hack and analyze. This is persistent from the initial steps of the course from the penetration testing to the report writing. It is the perfect combination to give a glimpse of how a working environment would be like on a day-to-day basis.

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