Oct 5 2012

What is Computer Forensics?

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Computer and related technologies are evolving day by day. It has become an inevitable part of our life. We do various business through online. As technologies are creeping, there are people who misuses it to commit crime. There are many ways criminals can use a computer to perform illegal activity such as hacking to system, using phishing mail to stole personal and financial details, injecting new viruses. Day by day we can hear many stories relating to new exploit of computer network and technologies by criminals.

To bring those criminals in front of the law, we need to analyse the compromised systems and collect evidences in a manner applicable to court. Yes, Computer forensics uses computer investigation and analysis techniques to collect evidence regarding what happened on a computer that is admissible in a court of law. It involves the preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer evidence stored in the form of magnetically encoded information (data). It is typically performed in the interest of figuring out what happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who was involved. The analysis and examination of such digital Medias are done with the help of a Cyber Forensic Expert.

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