Oct 8 2012

Who is a Computer Forensics Expert?

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If a crime is committed using a computer or against a computer, as a part of the investigation, it is mandatory to analyze the compromised computers for evidence. The evidence might be hiding somewhere in the hard disk or the associated data storage medium. It may not be easy for anyone to find evidence and make interpretation at once. It involves good amount of time and patience to analyze today’s massive data storage. Law enforcement people take the help of a person who has in-depth knowledge and analytical skills in computer forensics to conduct the examination and analysis of data. Such experienced and skilled personal are known as computer forensics expert or computer forensic analyst.

They are experienced personnel, who can

  • Determine the purpose and the objective of the investigation.
  • Access a compromised computer, duplicate all files and directories and document all steps taken during the recovery and discovery process.
  • Unearth evidence far beyond the textual or numerical contents of electronic files, including the significant information found in metadata.
  • Maintain the integrity of data, preserving the chain of control and following a proven methodology of review.
  • Track deleted files and other data that have not yet been overwritten. Also they can recover hidden files, files created by the system such as an automatic backup of a document, or fragmented files that are scattered throughout the storage devices.
  • Document the location of electronic data, its nature, format and other identifiers.
  • Addresses the legal issues associated with electronic evidence, such as relevant case law, how to navigate the discovery process, protection of privilege, and in general, working with attorneys and other professionals.
  • At the conclusion of an investigation, a Computer Forensics expert provides a detailed analysis of the computer system. They will also provide the copy of all relevant data, parsed in a format which can be readily integrated into legal theories and strategies.

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