Vulnerability Assessment

A security assessment is conducted to determine the degree to which information system security controls are correctly implemented, whether they are operating as intended, and whether they are producing the desired level of security. A vulnerability assessment is conducted to determine the weaknesses inherent in the information systems that could be exploited leading to information system breach. Without security and vulnerability assessments, the potential exists that information systems may not be as secure as intended or desired.

The Graytips Vulnerability Assessment evaluates the severity of weaknesses in your systems or applications that may open the door to potential attacks. Vulnerabilities can pose significant risks to both businesses’ and consumers’ systems because attacks can threaten the access, availability, or confidentiality of systems, applications, and data. Our team of global threat experts strives to inform you about each vulnerability, its exploit details, and its risk level. We have created a methodology for establishing vulnerability risk to ensure consistency and transparency in our processes.

Our assessment is based on how easy it is to exploit the vulnerability, the impact of the exploitation, the availability of exploit code, and other factors. These assessments are not subject to rigorous algorithmic measurement, so judgment calls are often made when assigning a risk level.

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